About Us


"What is #TRAVELLIFE?"

The #TRAVELLIFE Mindset" is a philosophy that values making memories over accumulating "stuff". When given the choice between buying expensive things or investing in travel experiences, we choose to #Travel and/or give the gift of travel the majority of the time.

If you just said, "that’s me!", then welcome to the #TRAVELLIFE community!

We are a growing group of people who work hard, budget carefully, save religiously, invest wisely, and spend intentionally to make sure that we have the time and money to travel comfortably. We also love to share and listen to each other’s travel stories! As pictured below, #TRAVELLIFE with T&D creates and endorses apparel and accessories that put the #TRAVELLIFE lifestyle on full display!

"Traveling helps us bridge cultural divides, teaching those who are willing to learn that we have more in common with each other than we have differences." Prez D, #TRAVELLIFE with T&D 


So, now... who are T & D?

 I am Derek M.A. "Prez D" Alexander, an artist, photographer, poet, and author who happens to be legally blind. I am a staunch advocate for the Blind, visually impaired, and those who have special needs.

My wife, Tee, and I were born in Manhattan and raised in the South Bronx, NYC. Tee's passion for travel is in her blood. Her Dad had a successful photography business, a "day job," and side gigs. He lived modestly and used the literal pennies that he saved to go on memorable vacations with his wife and four daughters, of whom Tee is the youngest. With a keen sense of direction and an eye for detail, Tee helped him plan their trips. I listened for hours while she talked about seeing the Northern Lights and visiting Hawaii. I told her that when we got married, our family would have our own adventures (we do!)!

After 18 years in Corporate America, and many years of helping family and friends with their travel arrangements, in 2016 Tee opened her own full-service travel agency, JustGetaway2Day, Inc. In 2022, I retired from state service and formed "#TRAVELLIFE with T&D" to work with her on a full-time basis.

We are Special Needs Group Certified Accessible Travel Advocates, passionately ensuring that people of all abilities who have been medically cleared to travel could do so. There are many people who believe that they cannot experience travel due to their physical challenges, and we provide the information and resources to help them possibly fulfill their travel goals.

Relaxing. Rewarding. Educational.

It's a pleasure to meet you!  Your journey begins here.

Derek M.A. Alexander